Registration for Ninja Camp is open.

July 27-30, every evening from 5:30-6:30pm at Combat Sport & Fitness. Ages 4-10.
New weapon to take home every day. T-shirt included. Please reserve ASAP… Space is limited.


Kalos Agon

...Fight the good fight of the faith... / 1st Timothy 6:12

Kalos Agon
Grk. “The Good Fight.”

Kalos Agon (KA) is a highly effective self defense system founded on the principles of the Christian faith.

The system incorporates grappling, striking, street fight survival philosophy, and weapons training.

 The practical training and curriculum is easy to grasp and remember.

First 4 weeks of training is free.

We are Christians before
we are warriors.

We train hard & have each other’s back.

Non-judgmental, easy-going atmosphere.

Fast, organized curriculum keeps you on track.

Affordable for anyone.

Years since Paul told Timothy to ``fight the good fight.``

In every facet of our lives we seek to…

Fight the Good Fight of Faith.

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